What is Earth2 and is it Too Late to Start Now?

Is Earth2 wise to get into?

I think it is. When I first discovered Earth2 I was so shocked I couldn’t sleep. I saw right away how this is going to be it. I knew I nailed it right in the head and struck oil. There is no way for me to prove that because it’s only an emotion I am feeling. An emotion that comes from internal guidance. I believe in the future of Earth2 DEEPLY, in the same way perhaps as did the people who believed in the future of bitcoin back when bitcoin was only a dollar a piece. This was not long ago either. Bitcoin is now unstoppable and the reality is reflected in the price.
I believe the same will happen to Earth2.

I began buying desireable areas. Where would I love to own property in real life? That’s where I begin buying. I believe one day soon we will be able to meet people virtually on our land, let them visit, show them what you have built, let them experience your piece of paradise. I also hope we could perhaps conduct business in Earth2 one day. Have virtual meetings in real world addresses perhaps, or even earth2 addresses. This way we can have meetings in the metaverse, have our offices there, and it’s all located in the same areas where the real world locations are. Creating an exact replica of the world’s map was genius. It makes it feel a lot more normal and real. If you don’t believe that everything is moving towards the metaverse, then you will soon believe because everything IS moving towards the metaverse. Even Bill Gates, love him or hate him but he knows how to make money, spot trends and he understands technology better than almost any human alive, said that in 3 years most meetings will take place in the metaverse.
Could Earth2 be it? Could it perhaps become something else and evolve into some game that millions and hundreds of millions of people play over time because it’s limitless and makes sense?
Could it become a movement where people compete so hard to have this land that it starts selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars to perhaps even hundreds of millions of dollars?
All that has to happen for that to happen is to have enough other people who are just as crazy about it as myself and this will sure happen because there are a lot of people with a lot of money, and most people alive still don’t know Earth2 exists, what can be done in a metaverse, and why they might want to have some land! Buying land in Earth2 in extremely desireable areas feels like “discovering America”. At first it’s ridiculously cheap but soon enough when everyone realises that land has real value, it becomes increasingly more expensive year after year. I hope the same happens in Earth2 and I hope the big killing that we are going to make in profits comes soon, but either way I am willing to wait even if it takes 20 years for this to be a global phenomenon.

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