Monero is starting to become very interesting

Monero is starting to become very interesting.
Did you know that not all bitcoins are the same?
If someone transfers you a Bitcoin that was used on the black market, your exchange account will shut you down instantly. You might even end up being linked to that illegal transaction.

With Monaro, nobody can see your balance, and nobody knows who you’re transacting with. Kind of like cash. I love bitcoin but I hate the idea that a startup’s balance is visible to everyone. So if it’s their day 1 in business, good luck convincing anyone they can do the job.

With Monero, all transactions are private. Why do we need privacy though? Well why not? Do you really want all of your bank account transactions to be visible to the whole world, forever? I’m not sure I do.
Or if you have a slow month or even a few slow months, your haters might make your life even harder by constantly reminding you that you’re not doing well. I think privacy is a human right.

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