Income Allocation Strategy That Will Help You Buy a House and Accumulate Wealth

If you’re putting your left-over money in the bank or spending it all, there’s another way.

1. Put 10% of your pay into crypto (even if you make terrible mistakes at first, you’ll eventually learn what works, what makes sense, and what doesn’t!)
2. Put 20% of your pay into staking stable coins. You can get up to 19% APY by doing this. Sure beats your savings account and the inflation. Eventually pull this out to buy a house.

You’ll have 70% of your income left, and you’ll still get a mood-boost because investing your money is fun and makes you feel secure.

You will be able to buy a house a lot sooner, and you will accumulate a lot of money in your crypto portfolio because if you invest it into solid projects, over a prolonged period of time you will see your investments duplicate over and over again. It doesn’t take very long to become very wealthy if your money doubles every two and a half years. I recommend investing it into bitcoin and never selling. Eventually, you will be able to take loans against your bitcoin and never pay tax on the profits because you never sell! You do not need to pay taxes on a loan. This is how the rich live and legally do not pay taxes.

Let’s say you’ve been consistency investing 10% of your pay into bitcoin for 15 years and bitcoin kept doubling every two and a half years so now you have 5 million dollars in your portfolio. Instead of selling part of that bitcoin to buy a supercar and fund your vacations and whatnot, just get loans against it. Let me illustrate.
Let’s say the supercar you want is $250,000. All you have to do is deposit $500,000 (double of what the supercar costs) into a lending protocol (a place that will use your bitcoin as collateral and give you the cash to buy your supercar). You still own that bitcoin and can get it back by paying off that loan – more on this later. So you gave them the bitcoin, they gave you the money and you bought the supercar! Notice that it’s a loan, so you pay no taxes on it! IF you had sold 250K worth of bitcoin, you would have had to pay a lot of taxes, so you’d have to sell a lot more than 250K to buy the supercar, but worst of all you now lost that bitcoin forever. But by taking out a loan, you keep it! Because you gave it to the landing protocol as collateral, you just pay interest on the loan that they’re giving you. If bitcoin is growing at 40% a year and your loan is only at 8% a year, you’re still profiting 32% a year on that bitcoin. If you sell it, it’s gone forever and you don’t even make those gains at all. And you have to pay tax on top of it. It’s just a losing proposition.

Here’s the summary,

Invest 10% of your pay into crypto, and 20% into stable coins (for your own peace of mine because this is not a volatile investment and it’ll be a steady journey.) One day you’ll have enough money in your stable coins to to buy a house with them, and your bitcoin (or other crypto if you dare) portfolio will have more than enough money to fund your fun lifestyle without needing to work. It doesn’t take very long to become very wealthy and financially free forever! Oh, and don’t forget. Never sell your Bitcoin. Never. If you must, take a loan against it but do not sell it. Trust me, by the time you have enough money in your bitcoin portfolio to want to take a loan against it, you’ll already know how to do it because you’ll learn as you go. In about a year you’ll feel like a pro!

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