Hype House NZ

Are you an Auckland based TikTok content creator? Do you want to live in a pad with like minded individuals that all love making content? Imagine strategising, sharing ideas, creating content together, filming each other, and growing all together in a mastermind alliance? If this sounds like you and you’d love to live in a New Zealand version of a Hype House, apply below!

Property examples we'd be looking at

By the time the crew is all assembbled, all of these properties will have probably been rented but there are always new ones coming onto the market. As our content creation careers grow, we’ll be able to upgrade to much nicer mansions because we’ll all be making money from social media! The possibilities of what this could become are literally endless! When all of us come together, we will be an unstoppable force. 

fortune favours the brave

If you have another @ that you'd rather share, just state what platform it's on. You don't need to have many followers or anything like that, this is just to show that you really are consistent already because this is meant to be a content creators' mansion, not just those who are thinking about it.
By living here you're basically giving everyone permission to film you and everyone is giving you permission to film them because this is what it's about! Creating content! This is so that we don't always have to ask each other, "Is it okay if you appear in this video I'm making rn?"
We will try to be inclusive of everyone's desires and come up with something that works for everyone who's going to be living at the pad!
This is a place to share more about your dreams, ask any questions, or make any comments.
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