How to increase website traffic

Free and consistent ways I know of to drive traffic to your website

1. Make a free Google My Business listing, add keywords, and populate it with photos, some posts, and add your website to it. People searching for your type of business will come across it and some will land on the website.

2. Make an automatic news generator website, and pay someone to put you on Google News (this is not free to set up if you can’t do it yourself, but I did it for cheap) and you will likely start getting 300 views a month from that and a robot will source news articles in specific niches that you choose. For example, I chose crypto for one website, and real estate for another. I am thinking of making one more of these automatic news generating websites and connect it to this website. It ill automatically source the latest news on NFTs, Crypto, and Real Estate without me needing to lift up a finger. I will then pay someone to submit it to google news and in 15 days it’ll be approved and I’ll start getting free traffic from Google News.
I already do this with 2 of my websites and it feels amazing.

3. Writing on Medium, and link the articles to your website.

4. Linked photos on Pinterest

5. Make TikTok videos and have your website in bio. You need 1,000 followers to be able to start putting your website in the bio

6. Send out cold emails to businesses you’re trying to target and include the website at the end of the email. Some people will end up clicking on the website and it’ll drive even more traffic.

7. SEO. There’s some basic and cheap SEO that I have done to get me started and it has helped for some of my websites already. I didn’t know how to do keyword research so I will do a better job in the future because I have learned.
Your website will eventually start moving towards the front of all the searches that should trigger your website to come up.

7. If you keep up the good work, stay in business long enough, you will start getting word of mouth clients, and more repeat searches until some of them end up converting. You just need to add a few hundred visitors from a few sources and soon you have over 1,000 visitors. Then 2,500, then 10,000 a month, and it’ll just keep growing. A website is a powerful tool to create income if you are willing to persist with it for years and years and years to come.

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