How I Built An Automated Booking Machine On My Website

Had an idea for a service based side hustle so I made a website and a free google listing. It’s not perfect yet, but I created myself a booking machine that automatically books me appointments and collects credit card payments on my behalf. Granted, this is the first automated booking but it’s enough for me to fully believe in it now.

It’s basically a landing page with a bunch of “book now” & “subscribe now” buttons.

Conversion rate could be improved. I’m just happy that I got a sale on my own terms. I didn’t have to pick up the phone. Didn’t have to do any selling or convincing or explaining what’s already available on the website.

If people are capable of making decisions buying products, they are capable making decisions to buy services without needing to talk to anyone.

Most service based businesses don’t have a way for people to “buy now” and I wonder if they’re missing a great deal? What if adding a “Buy Now” button removes friction from those who prefer to just buy now online rather than have to call or email someone?

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