Business Ideas: 5 Side Hustles That Don’t Require Answering The Phone

Sell Via E-mails
Begin finding companies online by using a tool like D7 Lead finder. It will provide all of the email addresses you can ever reach for a cheap monthly subscription. For this you will need a service or a product that you can sell. I can help you find some ideas.

Outsource Cold Calling and Customer Service to Someone Else
This can be done cheaply. You can use Fiverr to look for people. First make an account, post an ad that you’re looking for a cold caller, explain what their responsibilities will be, and hire them. You will need to provide a VOIP for them. A good one I found that’s cheap is
You can find people on fiverr that you’re comfortable with, and you can always start with a single day. You can hire them for a day and see how it goes. You can hire many different people for 1 day at a time, or all at once, and see who suits you more and who’s better for the position. They are offering their services to you on a day to day basis. If you find someone who you think is able to deliver on what you are looking for, you can ask them how much it would cost to hire them for 7 or even 30 days. They will let you know and you can now have a full time cold caller, and telephone person for your company. They can make all the sales and take care of all the enquiries. Give them freedom and space to learn your business well and give them time to improve. Make yourself very clear from the very beginning: that this is a sales job. This is why you will first hire them for a day. You’ll see whether or not the person is making calls. Some people are scared of the phone and never really pick it up and this includes those people who are applying to do the job. Find someone who’s making the calls, comfortably presenting your service to potential buyers, and keep them. Give them a commission from every sale. Perhaps 5%. It can be more or less and all depends on your business model and what you’re selling. I recommend creating an incentive program which increases their commission based on the number of sales they make. Start simple though and don’t over complicate things. Never be afraid of making changes in your own business even if contractors and employees protest the changes. You are the leader and you are responsible for the ultimate success of your company. If it fails, you can’t blame your contractors or your employees. You can’t say, “Well they didn’t like the idea!” That would be ridiculous.

Start Doing Affiliate Marketing
Find an affiliate product or service. A good one I recommend is RealT. It’s the one I really like and personally use. It’s good because it sells something I’m super passionate about – real estate and rental income for very little start-up costs. For about $50 I can invest in real estate. That’s how I started and now I have grown my portfolio to a lot more than that and I feel very happy.
You can sign up with RealT or other companies that let you sign up with them as an affiliate. Then you can begin making Pinterest posts with keywords that people are searching for, with images related to what you are offering. You can link the affiliate link you have to those images and when people click them, they will be able to purchase. If they do, you will make a commission. You don’t even have to talk to anyone, or ship anything. Just receive your profits. It’s brilliant.

Invest in Tokenised Real Estate
This is RealT. You can invest as little as 50$ and begin receiving about $5 a year from that, plus you will own the real estate you’ve purchased for $50.
Each property is split into a few thousand shares. Each share is about $50. You can usually invest in up to 49 shares from each property while shares are still available. They usually sell out really quickly.
You can then use AAVE to get a loan against this real estate that you are buying to buy even more real estate. It’s absolutely unbelievable. So for $100 you can buy $150 worth of real estate and you can get wealthy sooner than you ever could before in this game of real estate.
Once you set it all up, you don’t need to move a finger if you don’t want to and you’ll keep receiving income.

Stake Bitcoin
Invest in Bitcoin on and then stake that bitcoin for about 5.5% APY so you can own bitcoin plus receive 5.50% just by staking it every 90 days. I do this and it’s phenomenal. You can use my referral link to get $25 in free crypto for signing up. It’s gm5tn8n6re
This is the same as investing in real estate. You don’t have to lift a finger except re-staking your coins every 90 days.

If you need help with any of these, feel free to reach out via
I have solutions to all of these problems you might be faced with on your way to running a successful side-hustle that pays you well.

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