Business Idea: Bitcoin Payment System

Imagine if you created some kind of a PayWave system where people could scan their wallet’s QR code which is engraved into a metal card (credit card replacement) and each transaction needed to be authorised not by 12 words, but with a fingerprint or iris scan, and bitcoin would be taken out of one wallet address and deposited into another. The Lightening Network would have to be leveraged for this.

The way this company would make money is charging a tiny little percentage of every transaction to keep the platform running. It’s completely secure because it’s bitcoin, it just had addons created by this person who saw a need, realised it’s a perfect time to start building one, and then delivered on the promise. Now the whole world uses this because it makes sense. This is how customers pay businesses, businesses pay employees, and even how the public pays parking tickets and their taxes. We all transitioned to bitcoin because someone made an easy way, and let everyone find out about it.

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